Kite Harnesses Men

There are 2 basics basic styles/ types of harnesses used for kiting: The waist harness and the seat harness.  Below are the pros and cons of each harness type.

Waist Harness
  • No leg straps
  • More freedom of movement
  • Tendency to Side-up/ Ride-up out of position, moving off your waist and up closer to your ribs.
Seat Harness 
  • Sits lower on your body.
  • Leg straps hold the harness in its intended position, preventing "Ride-up"
  • Generally offers more low-back support
  • Popular with snow-kiters


It's simply a matter of preference.  A better question is "Which type is best for me?"

  1. Snow-kiters "tend" to prefer the seat design.
  2. Wave-riders and free-stylers generally prefer the waist harness.
  3. People with a wide middle tend to prefer a seat-harness.
  4. People with athletic builds tend to prefer the waist design.

Notice the words "prefer" and "tend", meaning that all types of kiters can be found using each type of harness. It's a personal preference.

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