Moses Kit 91 - 590 Kite Freeride

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Moses Kit 91 - 590 Kite Freeride


Progressive and Performing

The K91590 is fast and stable, inspires your confidence, planes up quickly and tracks in a natural way

A super accessible freeride foil, plenty of lift for early take off, extremely easy to control, the K91590 offers a smooth take off and amazing stability. With its wide range of use and intuitive ride, it will allow you to discover the magic of foiling. 

Pack content:

- 1x M91 - Mast 91

- 1x FK647 - Fuselage

- 1x W590 - Front Wing 590mm

- 1x S330 - Stabilizzer 330mm 

- 2x Socket head cap Screw M6x20mm and washers

- 2x Flat Head Screw M6x20mm and 1x Flat Head Screw M6x25mm

- 2x Flat Head Screw M6x16mm

- Grease, torx, hex tip, wrench


Moses Kit 91 - 590 Kite Freeride