Ride Engine

Ride Engine started with a Santa Cruz waterman, his creative ingenuity and a deep reverence for the ocean as Mother Nature’s greatest playground. Coleman Buckley graduated from Stanford In 2010 with a degree in biology before returning to Santa Cruz to reconnect with his roots and evaluate his future … and to surf..

As the months blew by, Buckley, an avid tinkerer, started experimenting with designing kitesurfing harnesses. No harness on the market met the expectations or demands he and his friends had, so he set to work creating one himself. In a makeshift lab in his garage, Buckley experimented with several Frankenstein designs, dissecting various harnesses, stitching together their components and bringing them to life in the sunny California breaks.

With collaboration from friends and pro riders, it wasn’t long before Buckley had created something genuinely revolutionary: the Armor harness. The buzz about the hard-shell, fully customizable form-fitting harness spread quickly, and Buckley unexpectedly found himself a busy business owner and designer, struggling to meet the demand for his sought-after products

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