F-One Bandit X 2017 5m Used

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F-One Bandit X 2017 5m Used
F-One Bandit X 2017 5m Used
F-One Bandit X 2017 5m Used



Most of our work has been focused on traction and speed. For its tenth year, the new BANDIT provides a unique traction.

Powerful enough to achieve early planing, the kite seems to self-regulate naturally to pull you effortlessly. What is most surprising is that we have got rid of the lateral pull so that you can ride with less pressure on your back and in your legs. Riding upwind is amazingly easy, traction is softer and totally regulated.

Why speed? We started from the idea that everything gets easier if we can ride slower. Things like absorbing the chop, edge and load before jumping, surfing… so pretty much all we do while riding. The novelty is that the BANDIT X will pull you with less speed without losing its other qualities such as power and boost when you need it. 

When over-powered, it keeps its performance and the profile remains clean with no distortions. The BANDIT remains stable, comfortable and efficient even in impressively strong winds. All these qualities will benefit all kitesurfers but they will be even more appreciated when riding strapless.

You will also notice a change in the shape: the wingtips of the BANDIT X are slightly wider and squarer. This brings more maneuverability and a lighter feel. Each size feels a little smaller and more responsive while remaining very intuitive.

It’s hang-time, boost and lift during the jumps have also been improved. It is easier to send the kite to the zenith thanks to the better control we get when edging and the boost is powerful and clean. The improved profile brings a lot of lift when gliding down.

Kite loops are even neater and faster for maximum thrills and ease of use.

The bar is what links you to the kite so it is therefore an important element to preserve the steering qualities of a kite. For this 10th BANDIT, we have improved the progressiveness of the bar pressure as you sheet in. The pressure rises step by step as you sheet in giving you a very clear and accurate feedback on the power available. 

The bar angle required to turn the kite and steer it is low and this allows us to use shorter bars. The pressure rises also together with the angle and there is no gap or delay. You know exactly where is the kite without needing to look at it.

You feel like you are in direct grip with the kite - everything feels very natural and intuitive. There is therefore no period of adaptation needed and you feel confident straight away throw your latest tricks.

Year after year, the construction and reinforcements are improved based on feedback from all over the world. The BANDIT X is delivered as the fruit of a long and unique development process offering flawless manufacturing quality.

Safety is also part of the design priorities: the impressive range of use and control offered by the kite, together with its construction quality, its relaunch ability using the Delta C Shape concept and its efficient safety release which enables an easy reconnection to relaunch and carry on riding in any situation, all contribute to the safety level offered by the kite in everyday use.

The BANDIT X is an exceptionally thrilling device and our motivation to improve it year after year is limitless. It is not the latest, marketing based, trendy kite with fancy but useless accessories. It remains pure/untouched/authentic and the fruit of our passion for kitesurfing and R&D.