Firewire Hellrazor Bamboo 5'7" Used

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The Firewire Hell Razor kiteboard is the ultimate high performance Hybrid replacing your normal short board (ride it approx 1" shorter). The HELL RAZOR is morphed up from the HELLFIRE and retains its high performance characteristics. We flattened the double concaves slightly and the overall foil is more refined, with a slightly narrower nose and tail, but with plenty of width to make sure you don’t get hung up while riding. While it’s virtually impossible to design a single board that will handle every type of condition, the HELL RAZOR comes pretty close.

Four years ago Felix Pivec found FireWire and what he believed was the best boards to blend pure surf style and kiting. After joining up with FireWire two years later, Felix and the FireWire team have continued to refine the construction and define models that create the perfect kitesurfing quiver.

Firewire are really excited about the various kiteboard options and giving the rider choices on strapped, strapless and two different construction types within our kiteboard lineup. FireWire works with some of the world’s best shapers including Daniel Thomson, Dan Mann, Nev Hyman, Jon Pyzel and others and incorporate feedback from some of the world’s best surfing athletes to validate these shapes. Firewire's kiteboard lineup is derived from the exact same elite surfboard designs and reinforced to withstand the extra punishment of kitesurfing. Regardless if you choose our proven Futures Shapes Technology (FST) or beautiful TimberTek wood skin construction, our craftsmanship and quality is second to none as FireWire produces every board from its own factory. We pluck the very best of these shapes for our kiteboard lineup. Boards that are guaranteed to work well for kiteboarding keeping upwind capability and high performance manoeuvrability in mind. Every FireWire board is built with the environment in mind as we strive to minimize environmental impact through use of Paulownia wood skin decks, recyclable EPS cores and Entropy bio resins that utilize renewable plant carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emission by 50% over conventional petroleum based epoxies. Give a FireWire kiteboard a ride and you will quickly understand how decades of surf design can elevate your kitesurfing!

TIMBERTEK represents a huge step forward towards the holy grail of any product designed and manufactured in today's environmentally conscious world. While by no means 'carbon neutral' or sustainably built, Firewire's TIMBERTEK has by far one of the least toxic and smallest carbon footprints of any commercially produced kiteboards and surfboards today.
Please note our boards are definitely not indestructible and if slammed by a thick lip, or if you land incorrectly in the flats after doing an aerial, it is possible to break them.