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2016 Manera Meteor Magma 3/2

by Manera
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Size: XL
Color: Blue

Manera’s commitment to your wetsuit’s premium comfort and warmth is the result of a strong involvement into 3D wetsuit engineering, using innovative and exclusive tools that make 3D virtual prototyping possible and reliable. From 3D body scans to 2D neoprene panels, Manera has been using the latest technologies of surface flattening to turn each 3D wetsuit design into 2D digital patterns, ready to be cut, glued and stitched. Reaching the highest accuracy in wetsuit pattern making leads MANERA to improve your wetsuit efficiency, for a better fit, respecting your body morphology to improve your performances and feeling on the water.


Magma Fleece 
Manera's MAGMA material is the warmest on the market. Besides, it is highly stretchable, which brings an unmatched freedom of movement to the suits. Its plush loops work as effective insulators and heat generators while providing a smooth and soft feeling that makes the suit incredibly comfortable. It also dries extremely fast.

N Foam Neoprene 
Brand new N foam is even warmer, more flexible and more comfortable than V foam. It totally outdoes all the existing foams, and this is a 2016 improvement.

Square Flex Skin 
All Magma wetsuits will be built using the SQUARE-FLEX skin. It has same characteristics as RE-FLEX SKIN, but its textured construction allows more stretch and better durability for those premium models.

Available on the warmest MAGMA wetsuits (4.3 & plus), the mesh panels are used to protect the most sensible areas of your body from cold: The insulating air chambers retain warmth around your body while the water & windproof outside smooth skin blocks the wind-chill effect.

The SD² tape is the best balance between stretch, strength and waterproofness. This technology consists in gluing and blindstitching two neoprene panels together, then overtopping it with our ultra stretch tape: it makes the seams 100% waterproof and substantially enhances durability, while still keeping the seam as flex as possible.

A Wetsuit leg filled up with water is a very uncomfortable issue: The MANERA water strainer panel is here to prevent it. The leaky + perforated neoprene drains the water out of your leg instantly to let you continue the session in the best possible conditions.

If the Water strainer panel is still not enough for you: The MANERA ankle straps are designed to be very thin so water sprays can’t take them off. They are also stiff enough to block the water from coming in, and light for a better comfort.

Some areas are very sensitive to friction, tensions and tearing. All MANERA wetsuits have been designed with a demanding brief including:

  • Avoiding seams in tensions area, to maximize flexibility and strength. 
  • Making sure the seams are stretched vertically and not in a horizontal way 
  • Removing seams from friction areas, which avoids rash and increases stretch capacity 
  • Reinforcing strategic parts and panels right where it needs to be. 

Sealing prints make the ankles and wrists stiffer. It has a joint role that keeps the water away, and maintains the arms and legs panels in place. It is made to be just stretch enough to put-on and remove the wetsuit easily.

Fusion cut is the fusion of our SQUAREFLEX/ RE-FLEX skins with the MAGMA FLEECE/X10D JERSEY at the tip of the arms and legs. This aesthetic finish helps out with catching less water thanks to its thin profile and perfect fit on the skin. It also wraps around and protects the inside neoprene foam.

Most wetsuits are often stored on hangers, damaging and deforming the shoulder parts, which is one of the most important part of your wetsuit. The hanger tolerance prints will strengthen this strategic area to protect the neoprene material and maintain the right fit in a durable way. It is designed to let the shoulders free and comfortable during riding.

The back of your knee is a sensible area and it needs great comfort. The Back knee emboss helps the Triplex to fold in the right way when you’re bending your legs, for optimal cosiness during the ride.