2019 Duotone Wam

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The pinnacle of what a do-it-all surfboard should be, a traditional shape with a modern twist, this high-performance board excels in every kind of wave.

It’s difficult to create a board that can perform right across the wave spectrum, ask anyone who’s ridden a WAM though and they will tell you this board cracks it. A slightly fuller outline was added to a traditional shape to make the WAM a little more compact than most surfboards. The squash tail and optimized volume accentuate this, and these features are the key to its success. They also combine to make the WAM fantastic in light winds and smaller waves enabling the board to float through lulls and weaker sections. The impressive top end speed allows it to excel in fast hollow waves too. Built using the robust vacuum Bamboo Tec Construction the WAM is also very durable. It’s a fantastic all-rounder and the perfect one board quiver for the rider who wants a board that can handle everything.

SIZES 5’10” X 18 5/16” X
2 1/4”
5’8” X 18” X 2
5’6” X 17 5/8” X
VOLUME 25.4L 23L 20.4L
WEIGHT 70-90KG 55-75KG 45-70KG