2020 Naish Bar Base Control System

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Effective and straightforward, the 2020 Naish Base Control System features a stainless steel line organizer with a simplified V-design for easy release and reload. It also features a reduced-diameter bar with a high texture embossed grip.


The Bar Adjuster allows riders to modify lines from 18" to 20" (45–51 cm) to seamlessly fine-tune steering.



  • Patented Naish Push-away Quick Release Mechanism = Fiberglass-reinforced polymer with stainless steel core & a below-the-bar ball bearing swivel

  • Pre-stretched TLS 500 Flying Lines = Stiffer front flying lines + even stretch in front & back lines over time

  • Lightweight Smart Loop with Below-the-Bar Trim Adjustment

  • Cross-embossed, High-texture Grip

  • Auto-positioning Smart Loop

  • Through-the-Bar Flagging Line

  • Back Flying Line Adjustment Under Floaters

  • Powerflex Bar Ends & Floaters

  • Vario Bar End Adjustment = 18”–20” (45–51 cm)
  • NEW Heavy-duty Short Kite Leash with Quick Release