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Appletree Appleslice Wing

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€1.099,00 - €1.699,00
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These are pure wing models, and really the ones most of you have been waiting for. Again, made ultra strong. Laminated with extra layers on the rail and box area. And with pads and inserts as standard. Again, these boards are made to last. 

Super compact shapes. They will take a bit of skill to get up and go, especially the 70L but once up on the foil, the smaller package and light weight makes them feel really free. Weight wise the 70L is just under 5kg and the 90L and 110L will be about 6kg and 7kg


4'9 (150CM)  21.8''  (55.6cm)     70L   
5'2 (157cm)   23,8"  (60.5cm)     90L   
5'7 (170)        25,6'' (65cm)         110L