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F-ONE Slice Bamboo Foil 2022

by F-ONE
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F-ONE Slice Bamboo Foil 2022

The compact format, the thin rails, the pronounced kick on the rocker and the profound channel on the bottom are the perfect attributes to strapless freestyle.
The board offers a powerful natural pop, it is easy to maneuver in the air and the landings are soft and stable.

With its fairly parallel outline, the SLICE planes with ease and its upwind abilities are remarkable. The SLICE BAMBOO FOIL is best suited to small and medium sized waves and excels when the conditions are onshore and the waves aren’t too powerful.

The board’s winged tail keeps the rail outline straight and fast, but allows the tail to be highly reactive for quick turn initiation. It also allows you to get the amplitude you need for freestyle.

The SLICE BAMBOO FOIL is great for riders new to directional or those looking for stability practicing transitions.

The SLICE BAMBOO FOIL has an efficient and reliable bamboo construction. The deck and bottom are built with bamboo sandwich construction to get a solid and light board using natural wood veneers. The deck receives a double bamboo layer in the feet area as extra reinforcement for durability.

The board features twin tracks on the bottom to fit any foil using a 4-bolt plate. The length of the tracks allows to adjust the foil position depending on its design to achieve perfect balance.

Equipped some foot strap inserts complemented by two extra inserts for a front foot V-strap configuration, the SLICE BAMBOO FOIL comes with a thruster fin set and the possibility to add a front pad as an option if desired.