Brunotti Wave Gun 2012 188cm Used

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Brunotti Wave Gun 2012 188cm Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
Naish Go-To 2017/18 5'9" Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
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Want to ride the big, hollow waves with a lot of power? Than this is the perfect board for you, ride the waves you never dreamed off, with, or without straps.. if you dare!

Our boardshaper Jinne Sietsma shaped this board especially for big waves , a lot of power and great speed. The thin design and big rocker in the nose enables you to drop in steep and go down fast. Apart from that the pintail makes the board easy to turn at high speeds.

If you want to hit big waves, or surf with a bit more power, than this is your board!