CrazyFly Cruze 2016 19m Used

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CrazyFly Cruze 2016 19m Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
CrazyFly Cruze 2016 19m Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
North Dice 2016 8m Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
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The 2016 Cruze is a dedicated lightwind kite in our range coming only in 15, 17 and 19m sizes. With Flat-Delta shape, deep profile, and high aspect ratio, the Cruze generates a lot of power even in marginal wind conditions.
Despite its larger size, the Cruze maintains the agility of a smaller kite thanks to its shape. The squared wingtips ensure stability as well as quick and precise turning for a kite of this size. To maximize performance in the lightest sea breezes, we stripped down weight wherever possible without sacrificing the rigidity of the kite. Simple bridle and rock solid construction result in a very user friendly light bar feel.
The light weight and rigid construction of the kite also make water relaunch incredibly easy, even in light wind conditions.
Regardless of its light wind nature, the Cruze works great for heavier riders looking for a powerful freeride kite and boosting sessions.
The Cruze delivers consistent power with ultimate upwind capabilities for the best light wind experience.