2020 F-one Kite Foil Mirage

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2020 F-one Kite Foil Mirage

The F-one Mirage is a freeride / freestyle wing in 3 different sizes.

Extremely easy to control, these wings offer smooth take-offs, effortless turns and fantastic stability.

  • 3 sizes to suit all freeride and freestyle needs
  • Smooth take-offs, effortless turns and fantastic stability
  • Plenty of control and total maneuverability

650 cm2 – the smallest size also has the thinnest profile to provide a really nice glide together with some endless carving possibilities. The best speed to carving combo.

800 cm2 – the most versatile size of the range offers good lift, good glide and super smooth manoeuvrability.

1 000 cm2 – the largest model offers absolute speed control, early lift and is great at low speed transitions. Can also be used on Surf or SUP foils when riding regular waves