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Naish Alana 2014 Harness Large

by Naish
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The Naish Alana waist harness is designed specifically for women. It is a harness that can accommodate their different riding styles and their body shape for a perfect support and comfort during the ride. As the guys at Naish say the Alana follows a woman’s curves perfectly and provides added support and stability.

The harness features an innovative Memory Foam Bar Pad with Stabilizer. The memory foam is used for added ribcage protection and it includes an extra webbing attachment that secures the pad to the body of the harness to eliminate spreader bar movement. It also features a click-in spreader bar, which allows for easy in and out.

The narrower back profile allows for extra freedom of movement. A curved design in the hip area provides superior lateral movement. Special, elastic abdominal belts provide two levels of tensioning for a snug fit and several adjustments.

The internal and external structural elements create a load-spreading structure that allows for an even load distribution throughout the harness to avoid unwanted pressure. The Alana harness is built using a 3D-fit technology. It is ergonomically curved in the molding process with horizontal and vertical seam shapes to fit the natural shape of the body.