North Mono 2017 9m Used

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North Mono 2017 9m Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
North Mono 2017 9m Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
North Gonzales 2016 130 x 38cm Used | ICARUSKITESURFSHOP.COM
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The Mono is a modern one strut design best suited to the accomplished Freerider wanting to travel light and advance on a Twin Tip, Directional or Foil. Stripping it back to basics, the Mono takes inspiration from the Neo where a soft bar feel and linear power development are key. The Mono is easy to relaunch, offers a stable canopy and a very smooth handling. A very light but also very robust kite in a simple package. Completely new in the range is the absolute light wind machine, the 15sqm. Get ready to enjoy a playful ride powered by a simple design. 


• excellent depower
• quick and easy to relaunch
• fast and reactive steering
• reduced flutter
• more precise bar feedback
• more stable in gusts
• soft bar feel and linear power development • quick turning with better follow-through

• moderate Delta Design
• 4 and 5 lines compatible
• light and robust one strut design


The focus for the new Mono 2017 was to step up the bar feel and responsiveness while reducing flutter, which is the main drawback of one strut kites in general.

 more narrow tips
The narrower tips twist in the back a bit more, which increases the tip angle of attack and thus helps to reduce flutter. It also reduces the total amount of cloth near the tips of the kite that is prone to flutter when the kite is turning. This new flutter reducing construction also enables a more precise bar feedback.

 better turning
Less flutter in the outer tip during a turn means that the new Mono 2017, compared to the 2016 model, has similar quickness initiating a turn, but better follow-through. For example, a kite loop on the new Mono completes tighter and quicker than on the old Mono.

 shorter bridles
The 2017 model has shorter bridles which means less
chance of tangles. Additionally the more complex structure of the bridle leads to better LE support and better stability.

 smaller LE diameter
A smaller leading edge diameter and a slightly flatter canopy (in some sizes) make the Mono 2017 more stable in gust-handling.