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North Sonar Foil Edition | 1850R

by North
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North Sonar Foil Edition | 1850R

Wing / Surf / SUP / Wake

The new reflexed 1850R front wing gives you impressive control throughout the entire speed range, with extreme top-end speeds for such a large wing and an unbelievably low stall speed.

Also a true crossover wing, the 1850R has more lift than the 1500R. In smaller to medium waves, prone foil surfers can perfect shorter radius surf-style turns with ease.

Great for wing-foiling in all conditions and perfect for learning to foil, the 1850R is also still kite-able.

Featuring our new, specialised reflexed-camber foil section design to give the wing pitch stability and prevent your board’s tendency to nose up strongly when you first get going. This eliminates the need for you to change your position to trim the board as you speed up, or as you drop-in on a wave.

The 1850R has a relatively large surface area, which makes it highly controllable, with incredible roll and pitch stability. Usually, a large wing means more drag, hence less speed. But because it is positioned on the fuselage with a lower angle of attack, the 1850R feels smaller than it is in terms of speed range and responsiveness.

Sonar AF72 or AF85 Mast

The new refined aluminium foil section gives the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads. 30% stiffer than the AK mast yet only 13% heavier.

North Sonar Foil Edition 1500R