2021 Duotone Wam SLS

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2021 Duotone Wam SLS

All-rounder, small to medium waves

Art.-No. 44210-3406

The last word in performance, the Wam SLS is designed to excel in every wave condition you can imagine, from small Euro mush to fast down the line bombs, it’s got you covered.

Key Features

Duotone Wam SLS

Traditional all-rounder

A classic surf shape is the guarantee for a great all-rounder.

Tight snaps

The outline allows tight snappy turns.

Contest board of choice

In wave competitions, the contest board of choice for our World Champions.

Good control

In any conditions, this bord can be trusted, total control at any time.

Innegra Shield

Vastly increases durability and impact resistance, making the SLS boards significantly more resilient against cracks, dings and heel dents.

Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

The Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 is applied as a damper in the heel area of the board to avoid heel dents.



Duotone Wam SLS

The Wam SLS remains at the cutting edge of high-performance surfboard design, and the new construction takes things even further. This classic looking shape has a lot going on under the hood, from the wide point forward design to the squash tail and the channels underneath. All of these aspects are designed to offer you the maximum speed on the wave, in any given condition, but to couple that pace with total control. These attributes are what makes it so versatile too, from small onshore conditions to firing down the line fast waves the Wam SLS can offer you exhilarating performance and unrivalled confidence to pull your turns in the most critical sections. The board is the go-to surfboard of choice for our team riders competing on the GKA World Tour, thanks to its fast, lively and agile feel. It offers them the perfect balance from fast drawn out carves to radical vertical turns on the face. Even when the waves are weak, there is plenty of power on tap, and lots of speed to be gained when you drive the board from the feet through the turn. If your wave riding takes you to a myriad of different spots, and you want a board that can perform to the highest level at all of them on any given day, then the Wam SLS is the answer.


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Duotone Wam SLS