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Shinn Carbon Mast V1

by Shinn
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Shinn Carbon Mast V1

Why are carbon masts special? Stiffness, stiffness and more stiffness (plus a little less weight). During foiling the rider is up to 1 metre above the foil, it’s long distance control, 1cm of flex at wing level is magnified by a factor of X to where you stand – imagine trying to push a button with a 1m long flexible stick or driving a car with flat tyres, each control input you make is magnified and delayed causing instability and even the most talented riders to wobble. If your serious about foiling and want to raise your game to the next level carbon is the only way forwards. Unique to Shinn our carbon mast is also suitable for kite foiling meaning it really is the only foil mast you will ever need.


60cm – Suitable for shallow water surf spots and beginner wingers


75cm – All round size for surf and wing


82cm – For more aggressive wingers, surf ad SUP foil in deeper water


90cm – Expert level wingers, larger waves and downwinders


110cm – Predominately for kiters but also good for faster winging and downwinders