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Shinn S20.1 HM Carbon Stabiliser

by Shinn
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Shinn S20.1 HM Carbon Stabiliser

Designed for balance, stability and ultimate carving the S20 range of stabilisers is available in either HD or MD carbon construction and in 2 sizes. The pronounced winglets stabilise yaw (the tendency of the foil to slip sideways through the water) however their downturned aspect keeps them safely deep in the water during hard carving removing the possibility of tip cavitation as they approach the surface. Stabilisers work  by balancing the tendency of the main wing to drop (hello gravity), beginner to intermediate riders should choose stabiliser size based on their weight. Advanced riders will probably prefer the smaller S20.2.



Span 48cm

Recommended rider weight >85kg



Span 42cm    

Recommended rider weight <85kg