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Shinn Surf Fuselage V1 735

by Shinn
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Shinn Surf Fuselage V1 735

High precision CNC cut from 6061 grade anodised aluminium this fuselage has been designed to be extremely rigid whilst offering a low parasitic drag profile enhancing the glide and efficiency of the foil. The integrated nature of the wing attachment means we use the same screw set for all wing sizes and allows compatibility to develop new modular wings and stabilisers in the future.

Featuring our unique adjustable mast position, the forwards position allows a more responsive and more aggressive turn radius ideally suited to surf and SUP foiling. The rear most position makes the foil more directionally stable better suited for winging. This adjustable mast position also allows a larger scope of movement of the foil fore and aft than the US boxes in your board traditionally allow.

Available in 2 options, the length given is the overall length of the fuselage however only the section behind the mast is changing.

Fuselage 580 – choose this fuselage for the tightest most aggressive turn radius ideal when riding waves of all sizes.

Fuselage 735 – choose this fuselage for the ultimate pitch stability when flat water winging and maximum pump for downwinders.