2011 Naish Bolt 7m Used

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used naish bolt
2011 Naish Bolt 7m Used
2011 Naish Bolt 7m Used

In good condition!

Riders looking for an all around kite with superior stability.

The light bar pressure, the stability, the easy re-launch and the total de-power make the kite very suitable for kids, starters and anybody else who is looking for a kite that is predictable and trustworthy. The kite will not surprise you with unexpected power buildup, does not drop out of the sky and is relaunchable even with minimal wind. In it's high end the Bolt does perform well but do not expect a lot of lift or boost.  The light bar-pressure could be nice for wave riders, however, the large turning circle and the lack of reaction when the steering lines are a bit slack makes it less suitable for the waves.

The Bolt is Soft, subtle, forgiving and dependable!