2011 Takoon Chrono 8m Complete Used

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2011 Takoon Chrono 8m Complete Used
2011 Takoon Chrono 8m Complete Used


The Chrono is made for freeriding and racing, which shows in the characteristics. A lot of feedback through the steering lines, total depower, quick acceleration and great gliding. The acceleration fits with this being a race-kite. However, once you are at speed the kite will move back in the wind-window which results in more pull and reduced speed. The Chrono makes going upwind easy.

The Chrono offer oldschool/big air lovers great gliding, but the lift is gradual and will not take you very high.
It all comes down to what you are looking for in a kite.  If you are heavy you might need more lift, but if you are light and not an expert, the gradual lift of the Chrono might be exactly what you are looking for.