2013 Slingshot RPM 6m Used

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2013 Slingshot RPM 6m Used
2013 Slingshot RPM 6m Used


The bottom end of the RPM seems to be very good provided you work the kite improving its bottom end significantly. The RPM goes upwind well when powered and is also a very nice kite to do some serious boosting with. It's a very user-friendly kite and allows you to get the most out of days when the conditions are gusty.
The RPM is a great fun all-round machine, generating a good turn of speed, boosts well and loops powerfully; it relaunches with ease and is a pleasure to fly. For unhooking it generates a great deal of pulling power when popped, and slacks too, but not as much as some of the more dedicated C kites on offer. The bar feedback is very good and is an excellent choice for an aspiring freestyler.

The RPM has to be one of the most refined kites out there, and a best-seller which speaks volumes for its credentials. Slingshot have hit on a winning formula, and its no huge surprise, that only minor tweaks have been made from previous years designs.
Its a kite which most kitesurfers could get a lot out of - a true all-rounder, with plenty of performance to even win a freestyle world championship (or two) with!