2014 Naish Alana 8m Complete Used

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2014 Naish Alana 8m Complete Used
2014 Naish Alana 8m Complete Used


The Alana is one kite that does it all for any rider, any style, in any condition.  Designed with fun in mind, the Park provides an easy ride, the power to boost and the handling to hit the lip with style.
The powerful profile gives the rider outstanding low-end power and consistent pull over a wide range of wind speeds.  Reduced diameter struts were also implemented for increased low-end power, improved aerodynamics and reduced weight. The Swept Compact C outline and three-strut design create a stable and responsive kite.  The Park uses just enough sweep to maximize depower and allow for easy relaunch.
The new Static Bridle Platform improves forward flying, acceleration out of turns, stability, instant response and direct bar feel. These characteristics are essential for wave/unhooked riding.