2015 F-One Trust 11m Used

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2015 F-One Trust 11m Used
2015 F-One Trust 11m Used


Remaining incredibly intuitive and stable to steer, with excellent power control and speed, the kite still demonstrates the best relaunch capacities. The 2015 TRUST makes it easier to ride underpowered without stalling the kite with power constantly available and easy to regulate. In the high range, the TRUST doesn’t pull laterally and can be eased progressively to head higher into the wind in complete comfort and making upwind riding as easy as it can get.

The bar feeling is more pressed for a more expressive feedback of information which will help the less experienced riders.

The TRUST is designed to fly with complete control any kind of wind conditions. Its behavior is reassuring and will give you full confidence to improve and push your level.

Its Delta C Shape geometry, created and developed by F-ONE, remains the most acclaimed recent evolution to enable an easy relaunch.